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About BC Bath Exchange

BC Bath Exchange are big fans of KISS! – Keep It Simple & Save!

Why We are Unique

Bath Exchange Specialists

Our award winning team has been in the bathroom business for a combined 100+ years. If we haven’t seen it, it hasn’t been invented.

Canadian Fuelled Projects

We support Vancouver Island Suppliers first. if we can’t buy local we buy in B.C. If we can’t buy in B.C. we buy in Canada.

Low Overhead = Low Prices

No showroom or warehouse expenses. No expensive TV or Newspapers ads means Lower overhead = Lower prices than our competitors.

About Bath Exchange

For contractor Barry Marcoux, it was back in the early 2000s. Business was slow, and so he decided to put his remodelling career on hold and take a sales job with Bath Fitter in Victoria. Around this time, Marcoux’s mother was in palliative care for cancer, and was having extreme difficulty moving around her condo. “My dad threw out his back trying to help her into the bathtub,” says Marcoux. Carpet, raised edges, narrow doorways – “Everything was a tripping hazard.”

And that’s when the idea struck. Victoria has an aging population, and so Marcoux began shifting his sales talk toward the types of changes he wanted for his parents’ condo: preventative-care measures, such as easy entry bathtubs, grab bars, and shower seats. “I was very gentle with these suggestions, careful not to offend,” he says. It worked. Business tripled in three years. Even better, it gave Marcoux the idea to restart his own business, this time focused on helping seniors “age in place.”

Only the Best


BC Owned & Operated

Cowichan Valley Based

Employee Owned

No Commission Sales Staff

Proudly 100% Canadian Eh!


We Recycle

BC Bath Exchange will re-purpose your old tub 1st, sort and recycle components 2nd and keep waste out of landfills as often as possible. We are green when it comes to recycling… But, we are anything BUT green when it comes to experience.

Years on Vancouver Island

+ bathrooms assessments completed

“Contractor Barry Marcoux is building a name for himself – and making a decent living – by focusing on barrier-free design”

Jay Somerset – Renovation Contractor Magazine April 2013

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